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Attorney Jean Laws ScottIf you have ever been injured by someone elses' negligent action, you already understand the worry over the mounting bills and the loss of income. Jean Scott Laws may be able to help you recover your lost wages along with compensation for medical expenses, loss of the use of your automobile and more. If you find yourself currently in this position, don't wait another day to call us and schedule a free consultation and evaluation with an attorney who has years of experience, Jean Scott Laws.From the first day of accepting a new case, Jean Laws Scott does so with the intent of taking the issues to trial before a jury. She diligently works to achieve the highest possible award and has the necessary experience and skills to strategically build a winning case.



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Personal Injury

What Constitutes Personal Injury?
In legal terms, personal injury is defined as any injury to a person for which someone else is liable. Victims of personal injury may be entitled to compensation for physical, emotional, and mental damages, depending on the circumstances of the case. Laws Scott, PLLC frequently handles cases involving all types of serious, catastrophic personal injuries.

Some of the types of cases we may be able to help you with include but are not limited to car, truck, and boating accidents, animal attacks, on the job injuries, slip and fall, premises liability, defective products, negligent security, domestic abuse, wrongful death, personal injury and more.

Family Law


Jean Laws Scott, PLLC are experienced in helping you deal with any family law situation and can help you get the best outcome possible during difficult times. 
A family law issue can be a very trying time in anyone's life.  Whether you are going through a divorce, paternity action, child custody issue, child support issue, domestic violence proceeding, relocation case or a post judgment proceeding.

As compared to other legal issues, family law cases are more sensitive and unique to the parties because you are dealing not only with your life, but the future of your children's lives as well. During a divorce proceeding, the Court will address the custody and support of children, alimony, separation of property, division of assets and debts as well as attorney's fees.  You need experienced legal counsel during this time to guide you through this maze of legal issues.

Criminal Law

You know the situation.


It's after 11 on a work night. You had a few beers with dinner and it's time to drive home. You feel sober. The possibility you're too drunk to drive doesn't cross your mind.


Not far from home, though, you see the blue lights flashing in your rearview mirror. Never having been arrested before, you want to be helpful.


But the officer's job is to collect evidence against you.